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  • What Now? Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Ending

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  • Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Reaction Review
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    Welcome back for the Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 video. Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 has split the fandom in half. Here I discuss the fallout of Game Of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 and my perspective on moving forward. What about Azor Ahai, light bringer and prophecy? I think we could still get answers in Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4, or at least I hope! Gamed of Thrones season 8 ends in only 3 weeks! Please like, share, comment and subscribe!

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    SmokeScreen says:

    See you Sunday after E4!

    kk kat piter says:

    I totally was thinking Arya would drop from the tree onto him… would have made more sense to me if she climbed the tree while Theon was distracting them.

    kk kat piter says:

    when D (cant remember which one is which LOL) said in the aftershow thingy that they had "known for a really really long time the catspaw dagger would be used to kill the NK", I can't help but wonder whether it is a book thing too. We dont know where it is in the book really, but I can see GRRM bringing tit to Arya at some point.

    Shannon Elmore says:

    I watched episode 3 are we sure the night king is really dead I mean it was just too easy but I’m happy that Arya killed him but after watching it on Sunday I felt like there has to be a twist

    ivyshy98 says:

    d&d only knew 3 years ago, grrm knew from the start probably. that means all references to arya's story line do play a role and weren't coincidences prior to season 6. the more I think about it, arya makes the most sense based on her story line.

    heck jon almost died to a regular white walker so I'm not sure if he could have taken on the night king even if it was mono e mono. jon is a fighter, arya is an assassin. I did think there was a possibility arya would do it but not in this way – I thought jon would fight him and at the point the night king was about to do the killing blow, arya backstabs the night king just like how ned was saved at the tower of joy.

    Dean Denton says:

    Night King was a garbage bad guy. Waits thousands of years to come back and make his stand, and gets smoked in his first battle…lol
    Theon actually captured Winterfell longer than the Night King.

    Chris M says:

    Aragorn — the rightful king — didn't destroy Sauron either.

    Nuppersson says:

    what about Beric saying to Jon in s7 e6 "Kill him, he turned them all" and Jon responding "You dont understand…"?

    Matthew Pass says:

    I was looking for a fresh take and THIS IS A COMPLETE RIPOFF of sur hunts review. I mean it is word for word. Identical. It’s crazy. Nothing original at all

    Casually Extreme Outdoors says:

    Benicio del Toro did the knife hand switch before all of them in The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones

    Casually Extreme Outdoors says:

    Id be covering more lore and history at this point. Get ready for prequels cuz this show is done

    Joffrey Blackfyre says:

    They kicked him out a long time ago, no way they have WoW.

    Jose Delacruz says:

    Yes, the Night King , if there is ever a character in the books will die or the WWs will be destroyed. In that sense both books and show will end the same way but the differences are too great to think both will end the same way. They just can't. GRRM says a lot of things. He himself has said he doesn't like to give away things. I'm not that into Jon's parentage for instance but based on our authors ah..afinity for shock I can put money on Jon's parentage being different, who kills whom being different and I can so see Euron having something to do with the others.

    MWelby65 says:

    Great video, Chris. I am among the "pissed off" ranks, but I've settled down a little bit since forcing myself to watch it a second time and and reflecting on things. Your video helped a lot.

    I will say that my biggest gripe isn't necessarily who killed the Night King or not getting any info on him. My gripe is that we've been given the impression that the WW were THE main event. "Winter is coming" and the tales of the Long Night and all that. Then to just have them eliminated so easily (yes easily) was such a letdown.

    I don't buy the idea that the end game was all about the politics and the struggle for the throne, and that WW were just a background threat to be dealt with separately.

    I imagined a scenario where the battle at WF went badly, forcing our heroes to retreat south, and the WWs followed them, bringing the Long Night with them. Then the WWs head to Kings Landing, the Golden Company gets onboard, and so on. I mean, the details don't really matter at this point, since none of this will come to pass, but the point is, I was expecting the real showdown to happen between Jon and Dany's forces, Cersei's forces, and the NK forces, and then it's done.

    Knowitall Neophyte says:

    …Bran and the Night king were standing and sitting respectively. Bran=standing NK=sitting?

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