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  • The latest twist in decades of confrontation between Iran and USA | 7.30

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      Gwyn Topham Transport correspondent
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  • Donald Trump’s last-minute decision not to retaliate against Iran for shooting down a US drone is the latest twist in decades of confrontation between the two countries.

    As Michael Vincent reports, the President is still yet to make clear just how far he’ll go to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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    Qadir Rezai says:

    I love Iran

    Larry Scott says:

    Sick Israel on them, that'll fix there Iranian asses

    Jimin Momoshi says:

    Huh… i dont get why USA sent the plane to iran.

    Jayden Coleman says:

    2002 challenge, all that has to be said. An Invasion of Iran will be costly for everyone involved and the situation will quickly become untenable. Iran is a country with more people than Iraq and Afghanistan combined, any occupation force will encounter guerrilla warfare comparable to what was endured in Vietnam.

    Benjamin Delfi says:

    Am iran fak USA

    Peter S JENSCH says:

    Never say never ever …
    Boomerang biter

    blue manson says:

    Trump got scared by Russia. This why Trump cancel the strikes against Iran. Russia send his best war ship to the Caribbean it was spotted in Cuba. This made Trump scared.

    Zinadine Zidane says:

    If this kicks off it will be catastrophic for both sides and their allies, I hope they come to some sort of agreement.

    bill hanna says:

    Funny that the Norway ship is owned by a backer of Iran // Another USS Liberty done by the same traitors who did 911..911 IS the catalyst to stop this evil.

    al murphy says:

    We're in the post 9/11 False Flag ( Fake New Pearl Harbor) era!

    CBKC31 says:

    Why didnt you list the details of the Iran agreement?? Let people see the truth and make their decision. obama did this without congress approval and sent BILLIONS of our U.S. TAX PAYER Money in CASH!! And it still allowed Iran to enrich uranium and not be checked up on!! That's not a deal that's a plan to allow them to build a nuke and use it in 12 years.

    Iran can't impact mainland U.S.?? What about the thousands of U S. Troops stationed around the world that they could hit? What about the millions of people living in the borders of our allies? We care about them. We protect them because just like WW2 we help our allies no matter what. Without the U S. being the world police there would be many many more wars and deaths, it's not fun to be in that role just like police in any town in any country but with great power comes great responsibility and the U.S. doesn't shy away from doing what's needed. It's easy to make a negative story on the U.S. if you don't have to do the job of the U.S. and this story could have easily listed facts and let the viewer decide such as listing the full details of the terrible iran agreement instead of only trying to make Trump look bad. I guess ABC is still ABC regardless of what country that's why U.S. citizens call them fake news. Lastly, Iran has said they want to wipe Israel off the map and we won't let that happen. Iran is partnered with Russia who could send iranian nukes anywhere in the world including planting them in Cuba like has already happened once!! I should expect this from abc but I'm still shocked they would paint iran in a positive light and the U.S in a negative light. Shocking!! That's why Trump was elected and will be reelected because main stream media still hasn't heard the will of the people they just hear the will of the left and most celebrities. The U.S. is a Republic run BY THE PEOPLE and always will.

    Liem Nguyen says:

    Viet nam helfp iran shot down the drone of american and secret 5 000 soldiers to iran for attack usa beside viet nam sneaking with china attack usa at the east sea . Helf china take cargo over border viet nam put mark and than to amerian for dodge tex from usa when trump opening trade war with china

    Suziq darlin says:

    FOX IS HAVING A HAY DAY WITH THIS IRAN NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suziq darlin says:


    Suziq darlin says:

    OBAMA IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darryl Hetherington says:

    America is America’s most dangerous enemy and War is happening on American soil NOW. As true fact of history. From 1965-2015 more Americans were shot and killed by AMERICANS in AMERICA, than in ALL the wars Americans have been involved in, EVER!….Including the Civil War…Hard to believe ? It is a fact…14,600 Americans died on home soil in 2018… All the statistics are easy to find…Denial is the usual escape for those who can’t handle the ‘non-Hollywood reality’….REALITY CHECK ~ 2014 – 2017, you’re not told that 56,787 American Men, Women and children were shot and killed in AMERICA!! In just 3 years.. Wake up.

    Per Andersson says:

    This is Israel propaganda. A war with iran could be really hard for US! Why should iranians die for israel, and why should american soldiers die for israels terror,regime!

    Zed says:

    America holds the highest oil reserves in the world. America thinks they own the world.

    Zed says:

    Laughable. Let's not forget US is the first country to detonate a nuclear weapon. Such hypocrisy.

    Corrine Tsang says:

    Iran missiles shot down a fast US drone 50 miles in altitude.Iran can buy modern weapons from China for oil and gas

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