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  • The Jeremy Kyle Show has been cancelled after tragedy

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  • Long time reality tv show, The Jeremy Kyle Show has been unceremoniously cancelled on ITV after 63-year-old Steve Dymond took his own lift after appearing on the show, and failing a lie-detector test. The House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said they will be discussing the issue, and how reality-tv shows, and the networks that produce them can protect future guests.

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    DarkBungleX says:

    The problem with Matt's take here is that he assumes the lie detector was correct. Even polygraph's biggest supporters only say it is correct 98% of the time at the most. Jeremy Kyle show shams people in a sadistic way and if this guy was truly innocent yet falsely failed the test, it could explain why he was so distraught

    Justin G. says:

    Lie Detectors don't just give false readings…..they HAVE NO SCIENTIFIC MERIT!

    A polygraph measures blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity….NONE OF WHICH CORRELATE TO PROVEN LYING!

    Not to mention the numerous lie polygraph examiners who have come out and exposed this pseudo science for what it is….A fucking interrogation tool. A method to attempt to sway a confession for the desired outcome.

    Even if the Polygraph wasn't a bogus and absurd method itself…you'd still have to lay all your faith in the examiner.

    Kiro NZ says:

    Where did the "lift" go?

    Definitely Not Dan says:

    The way Jeremy Kyle speaks to his guests on the show is absolutely abhorrent. People have been warning that this would happen since the first episode. That show should've been taken off TV years ago.

    uberwayz says:

    I have an idea for a show in which I take vulnerable people and publicly defame them based on the telling of a drugged up child Oracle.

    uberwayz says:

    Yeah it IS Jeremy Kyle's fault. This parasite has made millions by exploiting vulnerable people on the fringes of society. His 'lie detector test' is no more reliable than reading tea leaves or consulting a child Oracle. He was called a liar based on a bs test that he was tricked into believing in.

    Roadent1241 says:

    'This episode has not been aired'.

    I can hear the people who were in that audience going 'OMG I'm so glad I got to watch that episode personally, that's a once in a lifetime thing, innit?'

    Under a funeral moon with you says:

    Well fuck. What am I supposed to watch now?

    absolutely pitiful says:

    Do not let these talk show people wash their hands clean so easily. They knowingly and willingly prey on vulnerable people, to exploit them by shaming them on national TV for profit. They revel in human misery and pathos. They are the worst of the worst.

    Richard Dukard says:

    If the police don't know the cause of death, how do they know it was a suicide?

    just a random very intelligent drake says:

    I wonder if Jeremy himself made the decision to stop the show. I'm an American and I've seen a bunch of episodes of the show and say what you want about the exploitative nature of the show but with the man himself I always thought Jeremy Kyle was a solid man. I always thought he treated the guests with more respect than the show itself did and if he saw someone he thought he could help he would do it. So I'm wondering if it was Jeremy who felt guilty enough to pull the plug

    Highice007 says:

    Adam ruins lie detectors: https://youtu.be/nyDMoGjKvNk

    Kevron Harris says:

    They canceled Jeremy Kyle's YouTube channel as well. As an American, I felt heartbroken when ITV canceled Jeremy Kyle.

    Lauren Masters says:

    Steve Dymond R.I.P. 😢😢

    Rachel Habraken says:

    Here's the thing though, you can decline to be on the show and if you kniw you are cheating it's no ones fault but yours. Lie detectors are generally not entire trustworthy but no one but you put yourself in that position. Sure, sad that this guy didn't get help but, it really isn't the shows fault they aren't responsible for this guys actions.

    CULT68 says:

    jeremy kyle= VILE RAW SEWAGE "show" kyle = ODIOUS OBNOXIOUS ASSHO*LE ARROGANT PIG good FCK Riddance
    jeremy kyle every "show" UGLY SMELLY street thrash trousered "women" OBESE CREEPY "men" & Kyle WORSE still.
    LOVE ISLAND harmless beautiful people flirting only RETARDED MORONS or sodomists want to cancel Love Island

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