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  • Teen Mom 2 Finale: Leah & Jeremy Hooking Up?

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  • Let’s talk about this underwhelming Teen Mom 2 season 9 finale, y’all.

    Here’s what went down:

    Kailyn Lowry got tired of pretending to want a relationship with her sister so she decided not to tell her sons that she delivered their cousin.

    It looked like Addie’s health issues brought Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert back together again….at least in the form of hospital bathroom quickies.

    Jenelle Evans seemingly walked away from her $400,000 salary to placate her unemployed huzbin David Eason.

    Briana Dejesus’ family photos are taken and Nova sleeps over at Devoin’s house for the first time.

    Chelsea Houska finds out that the only thing that can help her anxiety at the moment is an anti-depressant she won’t take because it can make her gain weight.

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    Kate Flanagan says:

    This isn’t coles first time taking Aubrey to the daddy daughter dance

    Fake Karen says:

    Your hair looks amazing!

    3DogMom says:

    Kail looks bizarre.. always that stank face!!!

    Ifollow Jesus says:

    I wouldnt be to hard on her sending Addy to bed after complaining of throat problems. I have sent my kids back to bed many times and take them to doctor in am to find out it's just a viral thing. Sometimes as a mom you just know if it can wait until morning or not

    Jennifer King says:

    I think kailyn sister was just a quick storyline for her….she's so disgusting.

    Melly Mel says:

    Rented friend. Omg you kill me. Loving the yellow! Such a treat with these frequent uploads.

    Candy Girl says:


    Jennifer King says:

    I thought the same exact thing about Leah waiting until the morning…not only would I be terrified, I would feel so guilty knowing my daughter was in severe pain all night. how could you even sleep? I would be worried to death.

    wanderingyogi says:

    Her rented friend 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    trayb318 says:

    Loving all of the videos today. 💜💙❤️

    Lyle & Florence T says:

    THREE videos?!?!?! (claps) Yayyy!!!!😁😁😊😊

    April D*nk**e says:

    LOLLL!!!! I literally hit pause upon hearing your description of Jeremy's hair. As you were speaking I was thinking what the heck is going on with Jeremy's hair…?! "Enticing us with his spikey greasy bangs" …spot on.

    kacee nunez says:

    Yellow is your color doll. You look great!!!!

    justina G says:

    for being the finale, this episode was soooo boring🙄🙄

    paisleyduck says:

    Spoiling us today with all these videos!

    Denise Kinzle says:

    I don't think we need to know til the next oops baby comes along.

    savhannah pyle says:

    They probably did bang. How could Leah resist Jeremy when he's enticing her with those greasy bangs like that?

    Spencer Allegra says:

    All I got from this episode is that Nova is absolutely gorgeous!

    TrueCrime Addiction says:

    Why does it not feel like we've been watching for five months?

    Alyssa Anderson says:

    Keep these videos coming❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sweets205 says:

    Knocked her up in a strip mall parking lot 😂

    Angie Alzalde says:

    I like it better when you tell it to me.

    robin smith says:

    Cute top. I would think Kail would want to have a relationship with her sister. Family is everything. All kids want to have cousins. ssssh. She already has no relationship with her mother or father. I think her sister is going to be extremely hurt when she views this scene on TV. A new mother always wants to show off her baby.

    Carol Campoverde says:

    Looking beautiful and like sunshine. Love the yellow on you. 😘❤

    Emma Jane says:

    Hey Grace!! I love your vids!! I think Leah's weird reaction to Addie's throat might be an American vs Canadian thing. My mom once tripped over the dishwasher in the night and hit her head, causing her to pass out. Her first concern on waking up was whether I had called an ambulance because she couldn't pay an ambulance bill. I think our healthcare system has conditioned us to think of the doctor as total last resort because it's so damn expensive. Not that Leah would struggle with that anymore lol but maybe she's internalized that feeling towards doctors idk. Just a thought!!

    Mocha18 says:

    This is how many people think yellow is Grace’s color 💛💛💛💛💛💛

    MommiDonni1 says:

    "Jeremy removed his hat to reveal his enticing greasy bangs". 😂🤣😂 I spit out my drink! That took me off guard lol!

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