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  • TDS: Milo, Sargon and UKIP's Liberalist Fail

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    TDS447: A Tale of Two Carls

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  • The Termination Board take a look at some footage of Milo and Sargon from the campaign trail and discuss why Sargon and Milo are failing to connect with their audience, and why UKIP’s liberalist gambit won’t pay off.

    From TDS447: A Tale of Two Carls – 05/24/2019

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    Alexander Pollock says:

    sargon is a truly terrible politician. he doesn't realise that the average UKIP voter would 100% support him if he went full anti-immigration, named the J.e.w, and advocated for white men specifically. he has no idea how to talk to, with respect, poor working-class people, which is what most ukip voters are.

    T Riddle says:

    Really? Sargon is worth 37 minutes of your time?

    Svetlin Neychev says:

    If Sargoon keeps cucking this hard I don't think we can let him in the ethnostate

    GrimReaper192 says:

    God, you should listen Sargon now, “I didn’t sink UKIP, I acted as a shield of criticism against the Brexit Party. I’m a martyr.”

    He really thinks he’s gonna save Western Civilization with facts and logic and John Loki

    SleepingGiant77 says:

    Chavs are usually white.

    CHERUSCI 14 says:

    Sven on fire today

    Aviz Vit says:

    >When a gay Jew who acts and is dressed like a male prostitute tries to teach you about "Christian values".

    Wilhelm says:

    (((Milo))) pushing for (((Christianity))), nothing new 😂

    Y2JHBK6 says:

    He may as well just change his name from Sargon to Bygone at this point because his way of thinking is just a never ending nostalgia trip to an earlier time in the past where his ideas could have/did work. The funny thing is he considers what he is currently doing as revolutionary and maybe to an extent he's right because we've fallen so far from what our old reality use to be that Sargon and his ideas are now considered revolutionary which Is just a sad state of affairs to be in.

    Tiberian Fiend says:

    Sirg'n's problem is that he sees everything in internet terms. He got level 1 bedroom feminists and soyboys to run away or self-immolate by "triggering" them, so he thought he could do that to the real-world political establishment by getting Trump to defend GamerGate. The "MUH FREEDUMZ" sales pitch attracted a bunch of neck-bearded white males to his YouTube channel, so he thought that would translate to real-world political victory. Now that he's facing real-world consequences, he's making a giant fool of himself.

    Naughty internet person says:

    God only knows what Sargon means when he says identity politics means we end up at the bottom of the pile in response to someone basically advocating for equality – if we don't, they're not going to be stopped, and we'll be sent to the bottom of the pile, that's going to happen. Without native-centric power dynamics and laws, a large, hostile, foreign contingent can never be made to not engage in identity politics, they just will engage in it. What's wrong with asserting our right to exist and our right to dominion in our own fucking domain?I

    Exactly how is one group being able to lose their homeland equality? How is it fair that they're not allowed self-defense, right to property, in the most basic, perennial sense? "We're gunna bust in, and you can't say shit. You can't affirm your right to your homeland, or to your society". That'd never be called equality or fairness. Equality in current epoch is "you can get fucked over", as a moral imperative. Sounds like oppression to me.

    If I inherit an estate, a lovely mansion with grounds, and my other family members also live their as equals, but then some random ass dude breaks down the iron gate and demands to be treated as equal, or if the state makes me adopt some Somalis, and I have to treat them like my family, it's not equality. Equality, true equality not only requires being equal, but also the same entry requirements. Equality is Britain for the British, Japan for the Japanese etc, you get Japanese equality on the same basis every Japanese person does, your being Japanese. Every other nation doing exactly the same is equality.

    In white nations there is to be no question as to how or why people are in the position to receive our equality in the first place, as that's the inequality. Much of my family has lived in Wales since time began. As soon as tax existed, we were paying it. If they're were things to be done, we did them. This is our birth-right, it's everything resultant of our efforts. People coming in and skimming the good shit off the top without forming British society in the first place are not my equal. All this immigration is not equal because they didn't pay the same price, nor is it their inheritance.

    In Britain we get brainwashed with this from an early age. Most people aren't sceptical of what they're told. Sargon is a high-IQ normie, same gullibility but actually able to explain himself.

    Millennial Woes says:

    Sven's English accent at 30:00 is the most ridiculous I've ever heard. "You could be like a BLUK Englishman." LOL

    E115 says:

    What the fuck was sargoon doing with the “oh you mean the English” every time that dude was referring to white English? Does he only consider whites to be real Englishmen? Like how the fuck do we point out white people in his gay ideology?

    Al-Chemist says:

    Stand against identity politics while he stands BESIDE an outspoken self proclaimed gay )ew. He is anti-white identity. It's not hard to see that.

    yeah boy says:

    Sargon milkers

    freewillobjector says:

    Milo is a pedo, and Sargon is a crackhead. They both are Zionists, along with ex con Stephen Yaxley Lennon/TR. They are doing what they are paid to do. Kill populism.

    Krusha Grape says:

    Sargon is a cunt.

    kid_a_2000 says:

    34:14 he will never change his position at the point because of ego and pride. There are countless examples where Cap’n Sarg’n would rather crash the ship than admit he was wrong.

    Robot Bjorn says:

    Will you and your co-host just fuck already??

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