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  • Special Report: 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves California Residents Rattled | NBC News

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  • The latest earthquake in a series of temblors has Southern California residents on edge. NBC News’ Lester Holt and Molly Hunter report.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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    Special Report: 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves California Residents Rattled | NBC News


    NS says:

    Wake up Cali Jesus Christ is returning 🙏

    GingerGremlin says:

    Im from england so please dont come for me but what is the "big one" and the "san andreas fault"

    Lemon Nation says:

    It's the end of the world

    Daniel A. says:

    Hope you guys/girls in Southern California are ok. Sending love your way from here on the east coast (Rhode Island).

    Madison Donaldson says:

    Get prepared, even if you don’t live close to the area, make an emergency plan. Make sure you all have a place to meet, back ups if somewhere is untraceable. Get an emergency kit too, clothes blankets food and water to survive you for at least a week, make sure it is in a place you can get to, you never know if you’ll have to leave your home.

    Lps Rainbow Thunder says:

    We all knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. This is just the beginning. What til the whole of California is split in half because of that fault line. Just wait a few years. You will see what I’m talking about.

    nevvy says:

    i live in the central valley of california – i was at michael’s when this happened looking at some markers and stuff; the markers that were in packs and hanging on the shelves were moving but i didn’t feel anything. i thought that for some reason maybe an air vent was making them move like that, and then an employee walked by saying we were having an earthquake. because i was with my friend, i called my mom and she said that her and one of my brothers felt it a little. it’s weird. all my best wishes go out to anybody who lives in those areas and i hope that in case of anything more extreme, they’re able to pack their valuables and essentials and leave in time!

    Zoya Spencer says:

    Karma. #maga

    Edgar Hall says:

    The Prince of Ysrael is in LOS ANGELES! He is here!!! Prepare for the worst! This place of America is about to be Judged! The Prince aka the Messiah is in Los Angeles right now!!!!

    Bubble Bubble says:

    Bad rock bad bad rock. We need to punish this rock.

    Bubble Bubble says:

    Yall need to evacuate asap

    Nikki Zander says:

    February 19th February 1971 Olive view hospital California 6.5 quake Lost one wing of the hospital and the people were immediately killed in the collapse. Sylmar high School February 9th 1971 was literally completely destroyed and my mama has the yearbook showing the school had to be rebuilt plus also people were sleeping in tents in their front yard remember 6.5 on the Richter scale swimming pools tipped over and drowned at people in their homes. California did not have a 7.1 earthquake you are lying about the earthquake there was no 7.1 earthquake you are lying to the people and I just gave proof now they can look it up for themselves and find out how hypocritical you are you're no real journalists I'll tell you that.

    seolarco says:

    And my friend wants me to live in California…. no thanks! I'd rather stay on the other side of the state where i am thanks. Please stay safe guys♡♡

    Betty Blue says:

    Being a Californian i find it funny how shocking the news makes all this. Yes a 7.1 is a pretty big quake, but its also something we have been expecting for a long time. We are still expecting "the big one" cause this wasnt it.

    LaViajerita 87 says:

    This is a good time for non Californian to head back to their home state…. and Californians who want to leave as well please do please leave save yourselves and let us breath here.

    steven martin says:

    How are you going to be prepared for that Lester? Good question. Unbelievable, that those who live in CA are so surprised.

    tiffany grever says:

    i went threw the 89 earthquake in santa cruz this brings back memory's and not good ones.

    Jake Garza says:


    Jake Garza says:

    There your WALL, DONALD TRUMP

    Rickey Williams says:

    Call Hillary, leader of California……… I have no sympathy, Liberals openly want hurricanes to hurt Trump's economy, but they got this instead, and more to come.

    E Irving Diaz says:

    the end of the world is coming.

    skilled person says:

    99% of US Pornographic studios in California, that's for you if you wanna ask why <The Fire, Earthquakes,…> corrupting the youth worldwide must have a price.

    Q Anon says:

    I hope california breaks away from the rest of the United State. You all are a bunch of liberal chomo pedos.

    legalizitt says:

    Bogus hype. I live here. Nobody's rattled. More excited than anything. Very cool.

    Martin Leonardo Santacruz Molina says:

    Mexicans be like:
    Gringos chillones


    I hope no one gets hurt

    A Mariz M says:

    Lord Jesus is closer

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