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  • PREDICTION | Eurovision 2019 Grand Final | Top 26 | With Comments

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  • So here’s my preview video for the Grand Final on Saturday. This is not my personal top, just a prediction.


    Fan Bayern Munich says:

    Russia will win 😍

    Eurovision Costa Rica says:

    Go Jonida! 🇦🇱 🦅

    kwstas kwsta says:

    Are yiou high? What iceland got the most attention…Replay has more than 2 million viwes,those freaks from iceland dont have more than 1 million…Have knowledge before you write your nonsense.
    Also Arcade wont win.It s either cyprus or Soldi. Cyprus until now is the most popular song in both semi finals and soldi was 1st on spotify.

    geminix365 says:

    Things that striked me:
    I think UK has a good chance of making the top 20, I see you are overly comparing it with Sweden for a reason that isn't obvious to casual viewers
    Albania already showed last year that a voice can carry you to the top 10 with juries (don't see it happening this year tho)
    And Norway is not only possible but super likely of making the top 10 in televote, I can even see them scoring a better televote than Hatari, as the song is much more family friendly

    carick235 says:

    This year i like the most Italy, Serbia, Iceland and Slovenia, аlso Portugal and Poland (too bad that great songs are not in the finals). I think Italy and Iceland will do very good, Iceland has provocative performance (which can be minus for conservative part of televoting and juries, although its great for me) but the song itself is fantastic and reminds me a lot of Rammstein with electronic beat. Slovenia very nice song, but not winning material, although very hard to predict, it is definitely different from all others. Serbia definitely one of the best vocals this year, song is good, but people tend to go either for more meaningful songs or some flashy performance, Serbia is somwhere in between and simple for that reason it can be top 5 or flop big time.

    PaulNerrumo iD says:

    Guys can someone please explain me how the running order is decided? What's the link between the running order and the results in the semifinals?
    Apart from that, it's a realistic prediction in my opinion. I'm just hoping that juries won't underrate us like last year 🤞🏻🤞🏻
    Love from 🇮🇹

    Edit: aaaaaaaand…. My favourites are The Netherlands and France, I really hope one of these countries win (or Italy as well hahaha)

    Roman Vasquez says:

    Is my phone messing up but is there no audio?

    ZachB Videos says:

    only thing though… would the Netherlands be punished because Cyprus and Greece are before and after that song?

    Bob Bobby says:

    I disagree with the landslide victory thing, I think it will be extremely close

    RobinM says:

    Yes I was waiting for this🔥

    Bellette Gaming says:

    Omg Australia 4 thank u!!!

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