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  • PART ONE: Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty, But What Will Happen to Lori Loughlin?

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  • Real fam, do you think Lori Loughlin will go to prison?


    Neca Bibi says:

    should be given props for getting caught red handed. Then trying to avoid a longer prison sentence, Yeah, great, well done. 🙄

    Kara Webster says:

    We don’t have a justice system, we have a legal system. Lori knows that and knows she’ll be just fine.

    I hope she never works again though now that we’ve seen her character. She’s not Aunt Becky, she’s a stuck up, spoiled, entitled brat.

    Vanesza34 says:

    I love Loni!! She speaks the truth!!!

    Ramona Aviles says:

    Please hire Yvette permanently she’s absolutely amazing and REAL af ….🙌

    Jay mcoola says:

    Yes please just add her to the panel. She would be perfect for the show.

    K'charee Hair says:

    When are they going to add her to the show permanently???

    Karla galan says:

    Adrienne is right… totally agree with her!

    K Rowe says:

    I agree with you Yvette. Lori will be fine.

    Austria Germany says:

    hollywood trash actors do nothing important – wigs – facelifts – capped teeth – racoon makeup – these people are freaks !!!

    cheekybaby says:

    Thanks to her white privilege, Huffman will serve a 4 month prison term.

    Julessa Cummings says:

    Evette need to be a forever host

    scandal fan says:

    Aunt Becky's plea deal would have been worse than Felicitys. She paid a lot more money in her scheme.

    K P says:

    I understand What they have done wrong. But come one 40 years… you think everyone should get extreme long sentences for one mistake. What is wrong with you? Black or white, even one year in prison is hell

    L D says:

    Preach Yvette!

    B says:

    Love Yvette.

    C T says:

    After those 4 months, we'll see her getting invited to do TedTalks, she'll publish a book and will be invited to conferences/make talks etc. Her career (as a white woman) won't be over.

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