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  • Oscar Ferguson feeds guest "Steve Dymond" to death after an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show

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    Generated Moon says:

    Is this real?

    Shu336 Wakiya909 says:

    Its all your fault Oscar!

    NicholasTheVideoMaker2005 says:

    OMFG!!!! What a stupid awful asshole oscar is? he will so getting paid.

    Jonathon Hills says:

    WHAT IN THE BUDDHA? OSCAR! You will be going on my show now! We are gonna confront you for this!

    Ariana Ventai says:

    Yet they allow Love Island to continue! If anybody needs a big bag of 10 then it’s them! Sophie Gradon and Mike (cannot spell his last name) dies cause of it!

    Zender Man says:

    I’m glad I did this so that this episode will never be shown! Jeremy Kyle is now gonna suffer and will never have a show again! I am also responsible for making the YouTube account shut down cause of it!

    Fast Food Rockers says:

    Jeremy Kyle can always make a song for us! I’m so sorry it’s happened to him and we need to ban Discos!

    Steve Miller says:

    That’s manslaughter! Oscar will not be getting away with this! He only did this as an excuse not to go on the show and get it cancelled!

    Eminem says:

    He was too scared of going on there so he had to kill a man!

    Margot Richardson says:

    I will share the discos out with Steve Dymond

    Security Steve says:

    Too bad are Oscar Ferguson episode where we lie detect him will never be seen on TV. It would show the country what a absolute scumbag Oscar is to fatties!

    Steve Radford says:

    I use to watch this show all the time! My favourite episode was when Margot wouldn't stop eating the sugar and Discos and Jeremy was very concerned. It made me think of myself!

    KermisVoyager1997 says:

    I knew Oscar would force feed people to death.

    Jeremy Kyle says:

    Thanks to Oscar, My show has been cancelled after Oscar fed one of our guest a big bag of 10! We will be working with our staff and ITV to investigate the crime scene of Steve Dymond and hopefully get Oscar charged for this!

    Zender Man Official says:

    I'm a murderer! I'm going to get lethal injection for murdering Steve Dymond and Margot Richardson!

    Tyranitar Dude says:

    Oh my goodness! What an awful bastard Oscar is!? He will pay.

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