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  • MTV replaces Jenelle Evans & husband David Eason with Jade Cline plus CPS update!

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  • MTV replaces Jenelle Evans & husband David Eason with Jade Cline plus CPS update! Thanks for watching MTV replaces Jenelle Evans & husband David Eason with Jade Cline plus CPS update! For more updates on Jenelle Evans, David Eason and Teen Mom 2 subscribe
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    Lis Heanue says:

    Hell Yes!! About Time they get those People off of TV. Infact Get these Baby Mama's Off of MTV. Enough is Enough

    coffee or tea says:

    I like Jade glad she is going to be on the show

    Rose Nascimento says:

    Teem Mom with the Janelle group is the best. Althoug I don't like Janelle with her bad behave and very rude with her mother and her son. Janelle needs medical assistance.

    April D*nk**e says:

    Jenelle is not over David, Jenelle isn't that interested in getting her children back either. Jenelle neglected Jace from birth, she seemingly doesn't really like Kaiser and Ensly is her interest solely because she's David's. Mark time, David is going to turn things upside-down pretty soon and the hope of her ever having custody of them again will be nill. He's seething right now and plotting, and has no control…and that has him hatching something horrid, he is probably blaming Jenelle and tormenting her as the day goes.

    Baba Booie says:

    Yup those hillbillies shouldn’t have kids. He’s one of those terrorist that shoot up public places.

    Esther Burciaga says:

    She's so delusional she will probably stick with David…she's always defending everything he does. ! She'll lose those precious babies. SMH!!

    Marlena Thornsbeary says:

    The show will lose ratings like crazy!

    Steven Quinn says:

    The fact that Jenelle left the CPS meeting holding hands with David illustrates just how sick she is., its like Stockholm Syndrome. Barbara prophesied this.I hope Barbara and the rest of her people can still be on the show in some capacity

    aimless wander says:

    Jenelle went to "MED SCHOOL" (cough cough: medical assistant school.
    She's be fine on the field.

    Oh, and she has a record. 😂😂

    D Hannan says:

    I like Jade 😊 thanks for the update and for all the great videos Sharell

    levi222 says:

    Everyone keeps stating that jenelle wont leave david and will lose her kids over it, like that is a bad thing. That is the BEST news and outcome for all of those children!!! Good!! We should encourage and applaud her👏👏👏 to stay with him so those children will be able to have a chance to be raised by family that love them and will protect them. This is Not only a david issue, Jenelle is NOT capable of parenting-period. If David is out of the picture it will only be a matter of time before those kids will be exposed to the next abusive man she would pick to be with. It is very sad but least they will be safe. God bless those precious lil ones!!!💙🙏💙

    Kari E. says:

    I heard CPS gave her the option to leave him before she lost the kids & she chose David over her kids. 😱🤯🤬

    erin mefford says:

    I am glad her kids were taken away from those psychos David is garbage and needs to be locked up forever for killing their dog

    Sincerity says:

    Jenelle has been saying she wants to leave I think with so much personal problems going on she should not want to film or share that story of animal cruelty- period its bad. Anyone in a time like that should have to shield their children ❤️ and stay w/ my kids- that comes 1st! I hope Jenelle walks away and show young married women such as herself- a- mother had enuf self respect & love 💕 for their children. So I hope she can find herself within to walk away what’s breaking her own family-prayers he gets help and prayers w/ the kids! Sad

    Amy Sagraves says:

    I think Teen Mom 2 has been ZzZzz

    ELLIE Rodriguez Barahona Alcántara Contreras says:

    I just wished they used original girls from 16 and pregnant .

    Jessie Hartman says:

    I like jade! Good.

    oneofakind says:

    I wouldn't be surprised that the actual reason why she got fired was because the producers said they weren't going to go on that property anymore

    Joanne Dieckmann says:

    She was already offered to move out with the kids and she chose to stay. Hopefully reality has set in sh thought she would get her kids back easily

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