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  • Kodak Black Banned From Hip Hop By Follow Rappers + Lauren London Would Never! Kodak Ready 4 War?

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  • Kodak Black Gets Ready For War With The Hip Hop Industry. Is This New Generation Of Rappers Really Don’t Give A Fuck?

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    Intro Song
    Process Of Healing Artist Tavares Out Now On ITUNES

    Featured Artist King P.I.B. & Xena April
    Track Kings 2 A Queen

    Featured Artist Dulaa Feat Juicce
    Track Run It Up

    Kings 2 A Queen (Feat. Xena April) - King P.I.B

    Short Film
    Directed by Visuals I AM @visualsiam
    King PIB
    Skyy Cori

    Sound Recorded y Edward Zephyrin @edwardzephyrin
    Sound Mixed by Richard Robertson @rrm_ent



    HipHop Wild says:

    Check Out My Past Video On This Fool "Kodak Black" Lying About Fighting Legendary Rap Star "STICKY FINGAZ" & Wanting To Fuck "Young M.A."

    This Nigga Gone Crash & Burn. #fuckkodakblack

    Shannon Pelmore says:

    Damn yo numbers getting up there..🙂 don't 4 get bout me…lol much love

    Drasto Turner says:

    Real talk homie ✊🏾 much love..keep speaking on it

    Sdot D.i says:

    Aye that's a summertime jant right there

    Terri Kitiona says:

    Kodak Black has no fear of any of these cats because he's never been held responsible for the dog ass shit he does. They should've been dealt with his funny looking ass because once they do he'll learn that there's rules to this shit. Somebody better get him before something happens to him. I really dig what you're doing on your channel and decided to subscribe to your channel.

    Rolletti21 says:

    He needs to wear a "Bro" for those boy boobs.

    Sdot D.i says:

    The record companies dgaf if this MF get killed Bcuz they'll just come out with a greatest hits album

    Sdot D.i says:

    Crack babies are ruining the hip hop game. Damn I prolly served his moms. Niggas do get away with a lot of shit and his team just a bunch of peons

    SCOTTY B says:

    Lil Bug😂🤣😂

    Tino Rosmg says:

    Akademiks should be calling out these bum ass dudes like this. The youth need to know this is not it.

    THE RAP TRAP says:

    Real nigga 💯

    Tha Gina says:

    Some of these silly young boyz need to become humble..they think cause they gettin money they can say anything. Good video Face 💯

    Dirt Diggeler says:

    Dude at the end whack as fuck..
    Nicka worse than every new nicka out, and you riding to that shit 😂👎😭… Face you lose respeck for that one… Dude paid yo ass

    Jeff brown says:

    U know how we do…U know how we do …We need to get rid of Kodak Black Roach ASAP!!

    Zay Combs says:

    T.I. a public puppet and the Illuminati using Kodak to keep us all enraged let that man rest let his family grieve and get back to what Nip was doing we gotta put all these hoods together

    VALMER LYNN says:

    The black community lynched kodak

    Anton Agbi says:

    He only making himself look stupid af🤔

    Dirt Diggeler says:

    You got a pernt face… You got a mugh fuggin pernt… If yeen blocked me you'll see this

    Dezo 3 says:

    You not gone do shit so stfu hop his dick💯 he apologized

    CocoBeeBe says:

    Dude is obviously young and dumb.. He just should have kept that thought to himself! You know he aint the only one thats said or thought that..be for real..but when he was called out he should have apologized not get even more cocky about it. I chalk it up to immaturity……

    Suzi Tee says:

    The germ 🦠 looks like he needs a training bra!!! 🤣

    airforceups1 says:

    Should ban this roach face azz lame from Rap..

    Gloria Smith says:


    Gloria Smith says:


    KingParisBuckingham says:

    ti scared he shut iff his phone

    KingParisBuckingham says:

    ti a fake…why dont he go texas and beat the white man???

    KingParisBuckingham says:

    all those hating on kodak are hypocrites…that energy they should be directing to beating the white man in texas who punched the black woman and pulled a gun on her.yall blacks have yall piorities ass backwards…nipsey is dead but the black woman in texas still alive feelimg pain.yall gangsters and rappers aint taken any revenge for her yet but yall wanna hurt kodak…yall wrong….

    Shawn Stacy says:

    Love your channel (truth) 👑♥️🥀♥️🥀♥️

    Rosalind Hampton says:


    Don Dillinger says:

    I'm from the Ugly1800block born and raised and Kodak was just a little nigga out here breaking in ppl homes and cars thats it.Nigga ain't never squabble, throw dice, sell drugs, bust guns, or anything. Frfr

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