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  • How to change opinion about UK colonialism within 10 minutes

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    • Brexit and Britain’s broken democracy | Letters June 18, 2019
      Readers share their thoughts on the latest developments in the long-running saga of the UK government’s attempt to leave the EUJohn Harris is spot on in his analysis of our busted political system (Any new prime minister is sunk if they don’t fix Britain’s democracy, 17 June). It is no longer an anorak issue to […]
    • Looking beyond economic growth and towards wellbeing | Letters June 18, 2019
      Might the Guardian commit to giving statistics like these as much coverage as it does to the GDP, asks Paul Allin, while Dr Nicholas Falk argues that our governments need to change the way investment decisions are madePeter Wrigley and other correspondents (Letters, 14 June) are looking for measures of success that are wider than […]
    • Bike lanes are not a waste of money | Letters June 18, 2019
      The issue is accident rates, not how close cycles are to overtaking motor vehicles, says Brian Josephson – while Jeremy Iles reckons the problem is carsThe commissioners claiming that adding cycle lanes to roads is pointless (Painted bike lanes are waste of money, say cycling commissioners, 18 June) are making a serious error in basing […]
    • Tory leadership: Counting starts after second Tory leadership ballot closes – live news June 18, 2019
      Second round of voting in the Tory leadership contest, plus Boris Johnson and other candidates take part in BBC hustingsEx-chief scientist fears for UK climate plan if Boris Johnson is PMUK led towards no-deal Brexit by untruthful elite, says ex-EU envoyLunchtime summary 5.21pm BST Here is the BBC’s Emily Maitlis showing the set being used […]
      Andrew Sparrow
    • British Museum to hold its first Troy exhibition June 18, 2019
      Museum will showcase myths and truth of city that inspired Homer’s Iliad and OdysseyThe last time the British Museum was offered the opportunity to exhibit some of the most evocative treasures of the city of Troy, it said “no thanks”.The German millionaire-archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann had been excavating for some years at Hisarlık in northwestern Turkey, […]
      Esther Addley
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  • Starnge wars and invasions as cover up story. Like many cover up stories of 19 th century.


    SuperMishkah says:

    "The Carrington Event"

    Pharmer David says:

    The worldwide plane was covered in mud after cataclysms, and possibly a nuclear war, although volcanic eruptions would leave similar evidence to nuclear war, including radiation and melted stone, etc. The evil entity was safe in its underground bases, surviving the cataclysms intact, while everybody on the surface were either dead, or struggling to survive. After cataclysms, evil entity comes out of her underground bases with military forces, and technologies not known on the surface (still the same). First she creates countries to control all the governments, then she creates a world government of "united nations", to control the whole world. Lucifer is her name, and who the Catholics worship, along with Freemasons, other secret societies, and cabalistic and zionist fake Jews. She rebelled against God, and has inverted all of God's creation into evil opposites. Lucifer is the whore of Babylon, riding the beast system she created, which will soon end, God willing. Orthodox Christians were murdered by the tens of millions in Russia, possibly up to 60 million murdered by Bolsheviks, who were Freemasons. Orthodox Christian Armenians were murdered by the hundreds of thousands, possibly 1,500,000 murdered by the Donmeh and Young Turks. Donmeh and Bolsheviks were controlled by Freemasons, but blamed on Jews. There are bad Jews, but satanic fake Jews conspire against true Torah jews, killing possibly over a million during WW-II. Israel is a zionist state of Freemasons, as the buildings financed by Rothschilds demonstrate, especially the supreme court building. Jesuits came before Rothschilds and Illuminati, who they created, and Knights Templar came before Jesuits. Who came before Knights Templar – Phoenicians?

    Virgo Trumps says:

    maybe it was the fasces

    0ned says:

    It was the Navy, not the Army, but UK supplied the commanding officers and conquered peoples supplied the slave warriors.

    Jason Hand says:

    No more war!!

    Techno Bobber says:

    You are forgetting the one aspect of Imperial forces that of conscription. You don’t need your native population to fight for you when others are willing to do it.

    Miku1090 says:

    I agree that the wars, the construction and the health of
    nations do not make sense. It is known that mercenaries are used in wars, local
    factions as well as criminals. History is embellished to favor the victors and
    to make them appear righteous and strong. The construction is another dimension
    (Atlantean or that ilk). So perhaps a catastrophe occurred that buried the
    civilization and the survivors created a new world fantasy that we see now. We
    need more data.

    Albert Piky says:

    FYI: Royal House of GB is German decendants: House Saxony Coburg Gotha, House Hanover, House of Teck, House Batenberg…..

    In Fact: "History is written by the Victors" (~Winston Churchill)

    hugh gayle says:

    All fabrication of history!

    Hu Arwe says:

    After the floods a bunch of pirates come to an agreement with the king. Based on mutual self interest. They go round finding survivors, offer them a choice of sign up to the new world order or burn to death. Then ship all the best women and children around to where they repopulate.
    Sounds more like it.

    Ria Timmermans says:

    Great video exsposing the frauds changing our history starting with the the bible changing God into jesus🌞🌠👍👏💞🙏💥

    Belinda Kennedy says:

    it was done by bribing the leaders of each country.

    lyndon owen says:

    Th3 rings on a trees shows the patterns in the weather and what happened to the climate….

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