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  • Eurovision Artists reveal their Guilty Pleasure Songs! – Eurovision 2019

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  • We asked the artists of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest which songs are their guilty pleasure. There are some interesting songs in their selection that you might want to add to your playlist!

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    Nerd0! says:

    Οhhh my god ok i laughed so much

    TheVolterra13 says:

    I feel like most of them don't get what guilty pleasure is 😂

    Buddhi Dev says:

    Barbie girl by Sergey!

    IAM MAEL says:

    VOGUE a guilty pleasure? I beg you pardon…

    Con Rdgz says:

    El español del azerí es exquisito… Jajaaja Qué grande

    Pauliina Koskinen says:

    I have to say that I LOVE SERGEY AND HIS REACTION😂💗

    Hil Ru. says:

    Sergey 😂❤️

    Andrea F. Bayón says:

    Jonida y la macarena, ole ella jajajaja

    Neca Ki says:

    Chingiz: sings Volare to show his vocals
    Sergey: I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world 😂
    But srsly can't believe that most of them don't understand concept of guilty pleasure- Volare, Beyonce, Ariana, Vogue?!

    Richard Johnson says:

    going to watch rocky horror picture show instead

    Qavi - says:

    Like it from Zena is my guilty pleasure!

    Nasia Georgakopoulou says:

    Ariana Grande <3

    Sabrina Glassl says:

    Sergey Barbie😂😂

    Ntina Moscholiou says:

    YouTube should have emojis too!!! Especially “Barbie girl”!!!🤪

    thesultan 5757 says:

    Spirit of the Night

    IABI TV says:

    0:58 Ariana Grandayy 😏

    IABI TV says:

    Chingiz's Italian is something to die for 😭 it's also in the way he sings it ;_; so beautiful, so pure

    IABI TV says:

    I thought Alexandra was gonna sing Czech Republic 2017 omfg 🤣🤣🤣

    Regulador Comercial says:

    In the second semi-final call for PORTUGAL! Justice already.

    demlinar says:

    Roko, why so boring? Relax a bit, too young for being so serious

    Philipp19967 says:

    Chingiz is more Spanish than most Spanish entries during the last years 😂🤣

    Melanie Goossen says:

    Hahah sergey: i’m a barby girl😂😂

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