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  • Chris Evert v Martina Navratilova 1981 Sydney F Part 2

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    • Emily Thornberry: ‘Being chippy is a good thing’ July 21, 2019
      A traumatic childhood, losing her long-absent father to dementia, public spats with her party… it seems nothing can keep the shadow foreign secretary downAged 17, broke and living alone, Emily Thornberry had a number of low-paid jobs. She was a barmaid at the Hammersmith Palais; there was also a stint in a factory stacking boxes […]
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    • Greedy parking enforcement companies are issuing hefty fines to carers and nurses July 21, 2019
      Private companies are issuing hefty penalty charge notices – sometimes even in a hospital’s own car parkCommunity nurse Gemma Hayes* was on call and on a tight schedule. She left her car in the residents’ car park of a block where her last patient of the day lived and displayed her professional carer’s badge on […]
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    • Titan of mythology movies left behind a treasure trove of ideas July 21, 2019
      Lost and rare material from master animator Ray Harryhausen could now inspire a new film epic years after his deathHe was the acclaimed film-maker who pioneered animation effects for masterpieces such as Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans of 1963 and 1981 respectively. Ray Harryhausen created extraordinary characters, including sword-wielding skeletons and […]
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    • Iran, Heathrow, HS2 – and Brexit: the big decisions facing the new prime minister July 21, 2019
      The next PM takes office on Wednesday – and already has his work cut outAfter 24 hours of formalities that will end on Wednesday afternoon with the Queen inviting the new leader of the Tory party to form a government, the transfer of power from the 76th prime minister of the United Kingdom to the […]
      Toby Helm
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  • More New South Wales Building Society Open from White City stadium / tennis club


    H D says:

    Slowly tennis transformed so much into power tennis

    Len Welch says:

    From 17:00 on shows what separated Chris mentally as a great champion. Martina’s “ everyone is against me Serena attitude shows up “ and Chris has to deal with Martina complaining about a call that was called out for Chris then corrected to play a let , then Martina hits a net dribbler on set point for Chris , but Chris calmly played through with positive tennis , then at deuce hits a difficult backhand up the line winner then plays a long difficult winner to win the set point. Most players would’ve gotten discouraged but not Chris. She didn’t let Martina’s whining about a possible double bounce in a point Martina won on set point for Chris. The champion attitude in Chris negotiated through that tough game mentally with positive tennis. Chris played this match with same attitude in her win 82 A final her last win for 2 years until Jan 85 as Chris met the physical challenge of becoming a better athlete pushed by Martina’s push to become one of the most athletic tennis players of all time. court was the first then Martina and it took the athleticism of Graf to topple an aging Martina. Chris hung in there to win 3 slam matches against Martina at Navratilova best 85 F 86F and 88 A .

    Len Welch says:

    What helped Chris here is that the last time they played ( Open 1981 ) Martina won 6-4 in third after Chris was up 4-2, 4-4 with two ad points on Martina’s serve and still lost. Chris seldom lost twice in a row to a player and at this time believed a win was due to her . Here Chris plays at a pace between points as if she’s getting on with it. When she had doubts while playing Martina she is much slower between the points. The usual uptight ness while playing Martina is absent here . What is odd is that this win on grass was her second consecutive win on grass since 80 W sf . She would have only one more win on grass against Martina in 82 A final. ( final 6 grass matches all went to Martina -5 of 6 went 3 sets. )

    Lemmie Z says:

    There's 4 mins of this game on here via chrisevertdotnet

    Lemmie Z says:

    I was at this game , it was a great victory for chrissie

    Iwanta Fennec says:

    Marina could be such a baby sometimes. She looks great here, though! Thanks Brad, for the new clips, its been awhile! Makes me wonder what other treasures you have🤔🤔🤔

    Joe Momma says:

    The chair umpire really doesn't need to repeat EVERY line call or announce a double fault. Really.

    traceww says:

    Interesting incident starting at 17:00…and thru 19:15…"I got that ball on one bounce Martina".

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