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  • Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, STRIPPED Of Youtube Monetization

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    • Revised MoD guidance could leave door open for torture May 19, 2019
      Updated protocol allows information sharing even if torture may have been usedThe Ministry of Defence has insisted that newly emerged departmental guidance on the sharing of intelligence derived from torture with allies, remains in line with practices agreed in the aftermath of a series of scandals following the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.An MoD document […]
      Dan Sabbagh Defence and security editor
    • British nationals to be banned from parts of Syria under new law May 19, 2019
      Those who enter or remain in Idlib or north-east could face 10 years in jail, Sajid Javid to warnBritish nationals are to be banned from entering or remaining in parts of conflict-stricken Syria in the first use of a controversial new power.The home secretary, Sajid Javid, will reveal on Monday how he expects the law, […]
      Jamie Grierson
    • Royal Mail to launch UK's first parcel postboxes May 19, 2019
      Parcel boxes to be introduced across the country, with aim to help small businessesThe Royal Mail is launching the UK’s first parcel postboxes across the country.The move follows a successful trial and is the first major change in the use of postboxes in 160 years. Continue reading...
      Press Association
    • Brexit party's funding must be investigated, says Gordon Brown May 19, 2019
      Former PM is concerned ‘dirty money’ from foreign donors could reach Nigel Farage’s partyThe Electoral Commission is under mounting pressure to launch an investigation into the funding of Nigel Farage’s Brexit party because of concerns that its donation structure could allow foreign interference in British democracy.Before Thursday’s crucial European elections, Gordon Brown has written to […]
      Heather Stewart, Carole Cadwalladr and Frances Perraudin
    • UK property register 'needed urgently' to stop money laundering May 19, 2019
      MPs and peers say plans for register of foreign-owned property should not be delayedProposals for the first register of foreign-owned property aimed at preventing “McMafia-style” money laundering should be put in practice urgently and reinforced to plug potential loopholes, the government has been told.Draft legislation contains insufficient verification checks to deter criminals from submitting false […]
      Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent
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    Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING

    Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING. Fox News hosted a town hall with Bernie Sanders which shocked the left and the right. But time and time again it seems Fox News is willing to bring on left wing, far left, regressive left, and even social justice activists to have conversations where as MSNBC and CNN often don't allow adversarial opinions.

    As the left embraces regressive policies and refuses to engage moderates are looking for honest conversations. It seems that as time goes on the far left is either admittedly lying, like a Vox personality claimed they did, or refusing to engage in honest conversations.

    MSNBC ratings couldn't even break 100k viewers in the key demo and CNN struggled. Fox news ratings are often substantially higher than MSNBC and CNN and at the same time conservative news is absolutely dominating Facebook engagement.

    It seems that the left is fractured in more than one way and Mainstream Media chasing after various far left narratives are destroying themselves.


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    Suriya Suntiviraporn says:

    Tim, I believe you should have some sort of backup plan if Youtube happens to come to you next.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they think you are conservative and want to shut you down because of it as well.

    Crucible Media tv says:

    And? Cuckservatives will continue to do nothing except post about how horrible censorship is on the same social media platforms they use. Political solutions are coming to an end. Time for Conservatives to take to the streets and force their narrative before shootings start in a full scale domestic conflict.

    Peoplekind says:

    Bitchute here I come!

    Grim reaper says:

    Youtube fears him, interesting. On politics and such he has always been somewhat weak there are far worse out there but he is getting legit into politics so they have to fuck him as hard as possible since he goes against the status quo.

    TheKyfe says:

    Someone in a foreign country donating money to you PERSONALLY through youtube would NOT be illegal. Because it's to YOU, PERSONALLY. Someone working a job doesn't have to claim their salary as campaign funds if they run for office. Someone donating money to you would only be a violation of campaign finance law if that money was funneled to use in campaign finance. As long as the accounting is solid and all money can be shown where it came from and where it went, this is a non-issue.

    TL;DR this is definitely political, because OBVIOUSLY personal income isn't campaign money.

    Pladimir Vutin says:

    I assumed he was already demonitized.

    Pengalen says:

    This comes down to the platform vs. publisher argument. If they are specifically removing people on the grounds of anything non-illegal, or even including specific persons or general phrases or words as part of the algorithm, then they are engaging in publishing, and are liable for absolutely everything on their "platform" as they are curating it. My understanding, and maybe this doesn't apply to Youtube specifically, but I would expect it to, is that several large platform companies got a concession against liability on the premise of being platforms and not publications. Any curation of their users' content violates this.

    Also, I don't know what the laws pertaining to the political office he is seeking are, but it's also not up to youtube to proactively enforce that.

    Kakarotz says:

    I wouldn't be here (subscribed to Tim's channel) if it weren't for Sargon, and though (as a British voter) I think his campaign to become an MEP is a huge misstep, it's a shame to see him treated this way

    SpaceForceGames says:

    Fucking dweeb technocrats think we're total retards that don't know shit.

    Westword Winds says:

    Youtube uses content (creators) as a product that they sell to advertisers. Advertisers do not want to buy someone(s content) that is too edgy.

    Yaydolf Honkler says:

    Slander, sue.

    issa mae says:

    WTF Tim? Youtube is no better than twitter or Facebook. They shouldn't have the right to take away your income overnight. It's all about politics, we all know that.

    The Commenter says:

    Next step will be to freeze his accounts, and arrest him as an enemy of the state!

    Zyklon B Peterson says:

    If they do that for his anti-rape joke, imagine what they'd do if they saw him saying my "clean up your lebensraum, bucko" line is "funny".

    Big Chungus 2020 says:

    It is a reasonable assumption that they demonetized him due to campaign finance.

    They more than likely don't want him to win either, this is probably just a good cover.

    Fenrir the Lord of Wolves says:

    Tim, don't quarterback for the huge companies.

    Ancestor Empire says:

    Waiting for Youtube to demonetize The Young Turks
    the likelihood of that happening: 0

    skyekross says:

    we wont be funding a political candidate. there are rules there
    rules for me. and not for thee… lol

    ttthttpd says:

    Don't forget about SubscribeStar!

    smiley says:

    I really think these huge companies need to be broken up. They have no competition and what they get they crush. Time to breakup the monopoly. And legislation needs to be applied so it cannot happen again.

    ch .kuhn says:

    Styx was going to run for Gov of Vermont but then had second thoughts for this very reason.

    Spoon Clank

    Lee says:

    He’s being targeted by Youtube because of dishonest smears by activists in the media. This is obvious. They’re essentially getting him fired.

    James Morris says:

    It's like if someone said "I'd smash a large rock on your head while you slept if we were the last two people on Earth" and then the press rolling with "Mr X threatens to kill Mr Y."

    Ragen Storm says:

    Tim, while i absolutely agree that youtube has the right to take away the benefits that they offer. However, what is completely unfair is youtube saying "come to our open platform and we'll help you build your brand, and you'll help us grow." and then suddenly take away those benefits without any reasons. We always talk about what youtube has done for Sargon, but what has he done for them? He alone did not build them up, but his 1 million subs sure did. Imagine the clicks his content has provided for them to show advertisers. Where would Youtube be without these huge youtubers that put their time and money into using THEIR platform to enrich themselves and ALSO youtube. You can never trust companies, and the writing has been on the wall for him for awhile but, we all should still point out how they are stabbing a ton of people who made them a massive company in the back.

    bigstrudel says:

    Tim: You're next.

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