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  • BREAKING NEWS: Jared Kushner Referred To Prosecutors For Criminal Charges

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Jared Kushner Referred To Prosecutors For Criminal Charges.

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    James Engeman says:

    It's a disgrace that Jared Kushner, like Trump, whose a failed businessman and has zero knowledge of government affairs is a high level advisor and can't even get a security clearance. This whole family of fucking moochers and crooks has got to go.

    Donnie Kramer says:

    You are talking about kushner but keep showing don jr….okay?

    tony montana says:

    The democracy experiment has gone haywire , the countries of the world should stop holding the US in high esteem and let it go down in flames

    Tamara Kasson says:

    ONE picture of Kushner! ALL other photos are of Trump Jr. Get it right!

    Wilfredo Diaz says:

    He is crooked as hell but i doubt he, trump and all the other cronies will ever face any jail time… Rich people are above the law and the usa government allows it. Rich guy like him will just flee to Russian and never spend a day behind jail. Im sure trump supporters like that

    Lisa Grannan says:

    Its about time!

    Mike Bastoni says:

    1 down now we need rest of the administration

    Theo Roeloffzen says:

    But of course, lets first look in the Clinton Mafia. Equal under Justice

    Pancho says:

    Not a problem, daddy in law is in the WH. He'll be pardoned, if that's the case.

    Can you see? Right now this family is untouchable, 45 has to be out of office first, then charges can be presented, that's why Muller didn't even say anything clear about it.
    Even if Pence is in the WH, exist the risk of pardon.
    We have to wait.

    James Parker says:

    Trump derangement syndrome is a real and serious mental disorder .

    David Jacquez says:

    Corrupt family

    ivy kkb says:

    The picture u show on this video is not Jared Kushner… is Don Jr.

    In the end than u roll Jared picture for sec.

    Tracy Forbes says:

    Javnka managed to merge two crime families with their marriage,

    Mario flores says:

    If this is true it’s about time ! Hopefully he will be treated like any poor American citizen in the judicial system. Just wishful thinking I guess

    karldettling says:

    Just what kind of people are supporting trump anyway? SCARY!

    Just Me says:

    PRISON TIME NO DEALS. does he travel on the people's dime to share our countries secrets and promote his business.
    Charge all of these criminals and get them out of our White House.. NOW

    Wayne Moosemay says:

    Hahahahaha cool

    Del Lii says:

    Some many indictments, hope it's followed through

    Mark S says:

    Yeah right

    Gavin Coleman says:

    Do the slimey piece of shit .
    Plus that bitch Ivanka .

    Andrew Garcia says:

    ((( YAWN! ))) not true. this is fake news.

    Miki Lynne says:

    Well, the Trump sister Jared looks to be going to prison. The other inmates can't wait to see her in wigs and make up. At least Bubba won't have to strap it on.

    Benjamin Sandoval says:

    DOJ Won't Do Anything Because of BARR!!!

    Doug Kawakami says:

    I bet Jared will claim he has a "bone spur" that will give him an excuse from prosecution and prison.

    Nathalie Edmonds says:

    Finally! I've been waiting to hear this for a very long time now. Lock him up!!!! Lock all of them up!!!!!

    Bj Martinez says:

    Jared needs to go to jail and definitely be someone's bitch. 😠

    Thunwarat boujoom says:

    Nothing will change, people in power would all be next

    Toochie Toochie says:

    Jared is a pussy his name will be KY jelly Kushyassner

    David Rivera says:

    Down goes Casper Milquetoast!!!!

    sbgibbons99 says:

    Its about time the chips start falling.

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