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  • Bitcoin 10.000 $'ı Geçecek mi? Altcoin Rallisi Ne Zaman Başlayacak?

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    • Long delays to NHS cataract operations leave elderly at risk July 20, 2019
      New data reveals badly missed targets despite increased use of private sector providersPeople with poor eyesight are being forced to wait almost six months for operations on the NHS to remove cataracts, official figures reveal.Patients in Herefordshire are facing average delays of 168 days – five months and 17 days – for cataract surgery, according […]
      Denis Campbell and Pamela Duncan
    • March for Change: anti-Brexit protesters take to London streets July 20, 2019
      March takes place three days before Boris Johnson is expected to become Tory leaderThousands of demonstrators from across the country assembled in central London today to march against Brexit, and Boris Johnson’s likely move into No 10, as well as to push for a second Brexit referendum.At first sight, the message of the “No to […]
      Jedidajah Otte in London
    • Iran's top diplomat in UK summoned over seizure of Stena Impero tanker July 20, 2019
      UK foreign secretary expresses ‘extreme disappointment’ over action to Iranian counterpart The British government has summoned Tehran’s top diplomat in London and warned UK ships to temporarily avoid the strait of Hormuz after Iran seized a British-flagged tanker off its coast, deepening the crisis in the Gulf.The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said on Saturday […]
      Emma Graham-Harrison
    • ‘London’s galleries would drool’: ancient festival boosts ailing Welsh arts scene July 20, 2019
      Despite a flurry of venue closures, next month’s Eisteddfod will showcase a vibrant centre of creativityThere will be tunics and flowing cloaks, to say nothing of ancient chants, when the archdruid of the Gorsedd of Bards officiates at the annual “chairing of the bard” ceremony in August.But the crowds who gather by the River Conwy […]
      Vanessa Thorpe
    • Two men suspected of releasing CS gas on London tube train July 20, 2019
      Passengers treated for coughing and shortness of breath at Oxford Circus stationPolice are looking for two male suspects after gas was released in a tube train carriage in central London.A number of people were treated at the scene by paramedics at Oxford Circus station for coughing and lack of breath. Continue reading...
      Nadeem Badshah
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    Nurettin Yolcu says:

    Sia coin geleceğini nasıl görüyorsunuz

    Rengarenk Hobilerim says:

    emeğinize sağlık

    ismet Bakisgan says:

    xrp ne olaca ne düşünüyorsunuz

    Ilker Seker says:

    Eteryum baligi bastan kokmustu
    ah vitalik ah
    sen eth ye hic karismasan daha iyi olacakti sanki.

    kapo papo says:

    TRON hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz?

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