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  • Amazon Workers Strike For Prime Day 2019 – Tech Newsday

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    • Stevenage 'car cruise' crash leaves 14 injured July 19, 2019
      Two cars involved were apparently racing when they collided on Monkswood Way and hit bystandersFourteen people have been injured, some seriously, after a crash involving two cars at a street meeting in Stevenage.Hertfordshire constabulary said the cars were involved in a collision on Monkswood Way at about 9.45pm on Thursday. Reports on social media suggested […]
      Staff and agencies
    • Coalition's voluntary salt limits have been 'public health disaster' July 19, 2019
      Switch in 2011 led to thousands of cases of heart disease, stroke and cancer, say researchersNearly 10,000 cases of heart disease and stroke and 1,500 cases of cancer could have been avoided in England if the coalition government had not switched to a voluntary deal with the food industry to cut salt in food, say […]
      Sarah Boseley Health editor
    • Breast-ironing is abuse and could lead to prison term, says CPS July 19, 2019
      Exclusive: perpetrators could face up to 10 years in prison under new legal guidance Relatives who “iron” a young girl’s chest with a hot stone or other objects to delay breast formation could face up to 10 years in prison, under new guidance published by the Crown Prosecution Service.The guidance makes clear to police and […]
      Inna Lazareva
    • Scotland has a drugs problem – and it’s called Westminster | Simon Jenkins July 19, 2019
      A spike in deaths shows the failure of centralised policies. Holyrood should be allowed to try new methodsScotland’s drug mortality rate cannot be shelved as just another misery statistic. It has risen by 27% in a year and is three times England and Wales’s rate, 50 times Portugal’s and higher even than that of the […]
      Simon Jenkins
    • Convicted drink-drivers could have 'alcolocks' fitted to cars July 19, 2019
      UK government funds study to see how effective devices could be in stopping reoffendingConvicted drink-drivers could have “alcolocks” fitted to their cars, preventing the vehicle from starting without the driver passing a breath test, under new road safety plans.The government is funding a study to investigate how effective the devices would be in stopping reoffending, […]
      Gwyn Topham Transport correspondent
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    Amazon Workers are planning a strike on Prime Day, MoviePass might finally be over, YouTube adds some vital updates, Nintendo announces the Switch Lite, and more!


    Prime Day Amazon warehouse strike

    Moviepass Shut Down

    Facebook down, creepy machine learning photo descriptions

    YouTube copyright claim update

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Microsoft xCloud controller prototype

    Portable Bluetooth cassette player

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    Internet Today says:

    Stoked to be back! Thanks for being patient, here are the links to the two new podcasts:
    Full RTX Live Show/Q&A – https://www.patreon.com/posts/live-from-austin-28286139
    Exclusive Patreon/Supporter Poolside Podcast – https://www.patreon.com/posts/28231542

    Deral Fenderson says:

    That dog was listening to a Victrola made by RCA Victor.

    zakie ghali says:

    The stock footage of the old man only purchasing is golden

    Thomas Muehldorf says:

    there's power in a union. <3

    Scribbling Joe says:

    Movie Pass is like a turd that won't flush.

    Jackalol says:

    I don't know how but Eliot is somehow saying Shakopee wrong and I know that cause I live in the Twin Cities

    Ratko Mladic says:

    Hey, my two favorite white guys. Us whites gotta stick together in a world that only cares about color!

    NukEr1o1 says:

    bro I love cow chop I wish I was on the patron

    Abigayle Morris says:

    Wait wait wait. Hold up. Is that an Internet Today shirt in the style of the Lone Star Beer logo?? As a born and raised Austinite I NEED this shirt!

    demonizer133 says:

    24:20 Gramophone. It's why the music awards are called the Grammys 😉

    Irodoku Puzzle says:


    PetayPanMoFo says:

    They had a mute option that didn't work I hope this new one does so I can get back monetisation back on my 3 hour streams for 3 min of background music. Which wasn't copyrighted when I used it. It's so annoying they take all the revenue!

    PetayPanMoFo says:

    They had a mute option that didn't work I hope this new one does so I can get back monetisation back on my 3 hour streams for 3 min of background music. Which wasn't copyrighted when I used it. It's so annoying they take all the revenue!

    LadiesmanBumblebee says:


    Abhishake Das says:

    Your RTX podcast was hilarious. Look fwd to more.

    Pathagas says:

    I swear Movie Pass must be laundering money or something.

    Spanishdog17 says:

    Prime Day = Poor Man's Steam Sales (and poor as in worse version because the prices haven't changed that much)

    BlueBeachHouse says:

    Phonograph is the word you're looking for.

    Blue haired lawyer says:

    I was sorta interested in the switch before but I'm serious considering the Switch lite. I'm definitely going wit the blue switch and see if I can fit it into my pocket.

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