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  • 'Teen Mom' Already Filming with Jenelle Evans' Replacement, Jade Cline | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

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      More than half of British homeowners feed birds, maintaining 133 speciesThe increasingly appetising buffet provided for garden birds, from sunflower hearts to suet cakes, is supporting a rising number and greater diversity of species in Britain’s urban areas, according to research.In the 1970s, half of all birds using garden feeders belonged to just two species, […]
      Patrick Barkham
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  • MTV is moving quickly as it seeks a fresh start on its “Teen Mom” franchise … the network is already filming with Jenelle Evans’ replacement, Jade Cline. Also, Former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro — who later competed on ‘Survivor’ — has died, TMZ Sports has learned. She was only 39.

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    Jorge Bravo says:

    Poor grumpy cat….my cat passed on from the same situation😢….may this kitty rest well in paradise

    Shirlene Gaines says:

    R.I.P. 🙏🏾😇😭😩😢💪🏿❤️🌹

    Kristina Rajo says:

    Good janelle needs to be alone her man is trash .

    Daniel Rodriguez says:

    😄 all these baby momma's.looking for a sugar daddy

    nik rite says:

    Wonder why they never show a black teen Mom? Not mixed, black father and black mom? They can't come up of having kids?

    sugar issweet says:

    Everyone bashing Teen Mom show. Yes the girls on the show are fools but Teen Mom is responsible for a massive drop in teen pregnancy. FACT.

    Sam Williams says:

    Do we care?…NO

    destini miss says:

    for jenelle,I hope that the judge won't give them the custody of the children,too dangerous,and for britney,I think it was some publicity to come back

    Random Human Observing a Fallen Society says:

    Must be a difference in generation, when I was a kid you got in huge trouble for getting pregnant as a teen. Nowadays you get famous and get to encourage others to do the same as you

    Patriots Suck says:

    They not even teen moms anymore they all in the late 20s

    Melissia Powell says:

    Still baffles me they have a show about teens having kids!!!

    Cynthia Cameron says:

    She should open a Dance School…

    Sandra Lyn says:

    "A legend has died…" so I'm expecting a warm tribute the late; great Tim Conway, right?? But NOPE!! It ends up being about a cat. Did I like grumpy cat? Absolutely! But when the death of a 6yr old cat with a pissy look on his face gets referred to as a "LEGEND" when a REAL LEGEND has passed on, it kinda hawks me off. Just sayin'.

    Partick The destroyer says:

    Jenelle is a rich good-looking girl. She could have any responsible well-mannered nice guy who has their shit together but she always choose the biggest douchebag losers. How is this possible?

    Townie 7177 says:

    Jades not a teen mom either

    Hope S says:

    🙁 sad day. Grumpy cat will be missed. RIP

    mssexylegs says:

    I’m glade they finally let that thing go. Jenelle made the MTV show look bad, Her and her husband and Brianna and her family should have been gone so long ago.. But my heart goes out to the kids because they didn’t asks to come into the world with people like them. But I’m glade they away from them to start and have a better life because they seen and been through to much. I hope from this day forward them kids have a better safer and much happier life. They should have took the kids A long time ago when she pulled a gun out, Why chasing a car down why her son was in the car.

    Rod Steel says:

    One of the most negatively influenced shows of all times.

    Betty Brown says:

    Praying for comfort in JESUS Name

    Partick The destroyer says:

    They just chose Jade because shes the prettiest one. she doesn't even have the most interesting story out of all the cast.

    This freakin Guy says:

    It’s time to end the teen mom show

    Johnny U. says:

    film a white girl who gave birth to a half black baby. MTV would explode with viewers. the kardashian approach, do people really wanna watch rob drydek's boring and stale show all day. come on mtv

    ClarityGolden says:

    She's 27. Time to move on lol

    Sandra Nicholas-Cole says:

    This is awful. She may not be the best role model, but she did nothing wrong. David did! She was fired for his actions. She requires support to leave an abusive relationship. The children should not be returned until she does and she receives counselling. She also be made to attend parenting classes. Currently she is unable to put her children’s needs before her own.

    Max Paxton says:

    Grumpy Cat never looked too happy. Enjoy that great big litter box in the sky!

    smashville730 says:

    teen mom is a show that glorifies young woman having babies for a side hustle now and days.

    Compton 187 says:

    its a shame people got famous from being a pregnant teen

    GManGT says:

    "45 years in cat years"?????
    You mean human years…dumb ass

    Lieke Stammen says:

    Rip grumpy the cat 😭😭😭😭😭

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